We are able to draw on talented people. There are more 160 people working in the company, each person is a highly qualified specialist in each branch.

Our employees are a constant source of our strength. They provide and determine corporate wisdom, reputation, and viability. Working in a team and being passionate about their business is the core of the value of the human factor.

Maybe you could be one of us?

In order to learn about the open vacancies of the company, you need to contact HR managers on 220 08 30.

Our system of values

The value №1: The main value is our customers and their needs. Thus we pay attention to the quality of service. Our employees try to anticipate the customers' needs and expectations and react to any offer and remark very fast.

The value №2: It is the profit as the result of effective work. For the group of companies «Interplast» the profit is not the target but the possibility to develop the company.

The value №3: It is a respectable image of the company. The group of companies «Interplast» focuses on mutually beneficial collaboration with our customers and partners. So we always respect the rules and keep the contract provisions and our promises. We do everything to make working with us more comfortable and reliable.

The value №4: We are a team-oriented company. The company appreciates the value and importance of each employee and do everything possible to make the employees work here with pleasure. For this purpose, we have a special style of behavior and kind attitude to each other.

The value №5: It is our developing. We maintain new methods and ideas in our work all the time. We are in need of new ideas to be a customer-oriented company and to save our leading positions in the motor business.